What is the Men-nefer Project?:

The Men-nefer Project is a concept that was developed to attempt to create & develop unity among the people in the Memphis Communities.


Why Memphis?:

Memphis was the site of the 1st capital of Egypt (KMT), and named in honor of Menes - the ruler who unified Memphis. Historically, in the Old Kingdom, Memphis was the seat of the Administrative & religious power of Ancient Egypt (Kemet).


Why the name Men-Nefer?:  

The term Memphis is believed to be a Greek corruption of the name *Men-nefer*, which means Eternal or Established in Beauty (Nile Valley Contributions To Civlization by Anthony T. Browder p. 51).



To create a network, or platform, for the city of Memphis to develop a KMT-Unity (Black Unity). This network will provide us with the awareness of Black-Afrikan owned businesses to support & Black economical & spiritual empowerment.



To shed light on the various of BLACK (righteous) businesses, books stores, Black-Afrikan owned cafe's, restaurants, radio stations, events, seminars, meetings, music, dancing, yoga, lectures, and etc.


We are creating a social networking KMT-Unity (Black Unity) base for people to have greater access to the various talents & skills that many of our people possess within the city of Memphis. We are creating an avenue to provide a socialite environment for people of similar like-minds. Everyone who is PRODUCTIVE will benefit from this project.


Let us develop a network & platform for Black economics & spiritual resurrection. This project will only be as successful as your support. If we really want to see progress & awaken our people, get involved with this project as if this was one of your own.